KMS Cover and Back Cover

KargoMaster Safari Catalog 

KargoMaster brought Mad Dog onto their team to help refresh their Safari catalog design. We were able to utilize many of the existing beauty shots of product out in the field, in addition to creating a new table design showcasing their products in a clean, easy to read format.


It was a pleasure to work with Michelle Burke at Mad Dog Design. Even though her quote came in above most of the others, her first message thoughtfully laid out options for our initial description of the work. Because of the unique character of the job and all the reviewers involved, Michelle was amazingly responsive and produced excellent work. I highly recommend her.

– Tracey G, VP of Marketing (previous), BACEI

Avo Solutions Case Study. Cover

Avo Solutions Case Study Series and Icon Set

Mad Dog Design worked with Avo Solutions to create a series of case studies and an icon system. Though the projects spanned months and included multiple collaborators, we stayed on top of deadlines and created polished results. The Mad Dog creative team is always happy to take on new challenges, so if you’d like to collaborate, get in touch using the form below.

graphic design services for case studies and white papers

Golden State Activewear Catalog

Mad Dog Design Inc. worked the GSA team to create multiple sections for their apparel catalog. Each spread for each of the different mills had it’s own unique design and color palette, and all worked into the overall theme of the annual catalog.

GSA Table of Contents

graphic design services for brochures and catalogs

Cover of BAECI project

Ensemble Energy Solution Brief

Mad Dog Design Inc. worked with LeapFrog Consulting to create a new design for Ensemble Energy’s Solution Brief. Ensemble Energy is working on building their corporate brand, and this piece has been a core piece to build from.

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Cover of BAECI project

Transportation Report

Mad Dog Design Inc. worked with the Bay Area Council Economic Institute to design the Alamada County Transportation Report, using the transportation theme throughout the design of entire document. Mad Dog also designed multiple infographics (simple and complex),  a colorful chart system for the report’s findings, utilized the vibrant color palette, and created a unique custom cover design.

graphic design services for annual reports

LBLSC cover design

LSLBC Annual Report

Mad Dog Design Inc. worked with the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors (LSLBC) to design their annual report, utilizing their existing image library. This project was created for mostly online use, and laid the design groundwork for a corresponding ad and brochure campaign.

graphic design services for brochures and white papers

Mad Dog Design Inc. print design example DINGS' USA Vector23 brochure cover

DINGS’ USA Vector23 brochure

Mad Dog Design Inc. worked with DINGS’ USA to create a product brochure for a new product. The brochure combined technical information with design elements to showcase the Vector23, and worked with the existing DINGS’ USA branding elements.